It's very easy to start using MouseRobot

1. Press "Record task" button for quick task steps addition

Record Task button

Object selection will be automatically activated

Object Selection mode

To choose selected object press "Ctrl". After that MouseRobot will automatically activate "record mouse and keyboard" mode.

Record Keyboard and Mouse mode

In this mode program capture all mouse clicks, mouse moves and key presses that need to be done at execution time.

To finish recording press "Esc"

2. Check and edit recorded steps it if required

Steps of recorded macros

You can drag and drop new steps from "Toolbox"

3. Press  "Run" button to start automatic task execution

Run Task button

To stop execution at any moment press Ctrl + Alt + F12


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MouseRobot is VERY interesting program. I have had a few important & time consuming tasks and now MouseRobot does them for me! Thank you AutomationBox!
Neeraj Bhatnagar, software engineer

This is what I have been looking for. It greatly helps automate multiple mouse-and-keyboard procedures I have to go through day in and day out. My life has improved greatly by such a wonderful program.
Artur Beltz



November 11, 2010
New Feedback System


October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

Download Now!


June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
(beta-version) available


June 21, 2010

Site design changed!


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