MouseRobot - powerful and easy Windows macro recorder and macro tool

MouseRobot macro tool is a reliable, fast and intuitive Windows macro recorder for automating routine user tasks and recording Windows macros.

With MouseRobot Windows macro recorder you can easily record Windows macro, which will:

  • Use macro tool to delegate routine tasks that waste your time and efforts to your computer
  • Make any task simpler and faster, run it as Windows macro
  • Configure your Windows software environment for maximum effectiveness

Some applications, such as Microsoft Word or Corel Draw, have built-in Windows macro recorder to create Windows macros that allows you to record a sequence of actions and then execute them as a single Windows macro. But most applications don't have such macro tools. MouseRobot Windows macro recorder fills this gap and even allows the coordination of interactions among several Windows applications to automate them and record macros.

MouseRobot main window


Recording Windows macros with MouseRobot macro tool is simple and easy. Anyone familiar with Windows can learn to use MouseRobot Windows macro recorder effectively in 10 to 15 minutes.

Examples of the use MouseRobot macro tool:

Using MouseRobot Windows macro recorder and macro tool, you can do any of the following with a single click!

  • Record a CD or DVD - launch the recording application, choose files and record them
  • Scan, recognize and save a document to a file, with each step performed by a different application
  • Automatically install and configure all of the necessary Windows applications on a new PC
  • Apply a series of filters and effects in an image editor
  • And countless other things - basically, whatever you want to do with MouseRobot Windows macro recorder and macro tool!

MouseRobot Windows macro recorder and macro tool advantages:

  • The simple and intuitive interface of MouseRobot Windows macro recorder lets you concentrate on the task you want to do, not on how to go about doing it
  • MouseRobot Windows macro recorder does not record mouse moves. Instead, it analyzes the interface of the program being automated and creates a special "map" that allows MouseRobot macro tool to find the required interface element even if its location, shape or size have changed
  • Recorded in MouseRobot macro tool Windows macros are executed with maximum speed. Speed of execution is limited only by system performance
  • MouseRobot macro tool allows automation of both simple actions and complex tasks consisting of dozens of separate steps and actions
  • The sequence of actions in Windows macro is broken down into individual steps and can be easily changed in MouseRobot Windows macro recorder
  • MouseRobot Windows macros can be started on a regular schedule, with a combination of keys, when specified windows are opened, or a when a specified program starts


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AutomationBox Tools - set of command line Windows automation utilities

AutomationBox Tools are a free set of command line tools for the automation of recurring actions in Windows. These utilities enable you to easily automate the most complex actions, including those that require input from a graphical interface.

AutomationBox Tools

AutomationBox Tools include tools for

  • Interactive selection of objects on the screen and obtaining information about them.
  • Searching for objects using templates and managing them.
  • Entering text and controlling applications by emulating keypresses and mouse movements.
  • Automatic creation of screenshots.

Possessing an advanced command line interface, the tools can be easily combined with each other and external applications for outstanding results. You can also use AutomationBox Tools in combination with other automation solutions, which almost infinitely expands their area of application.

Due to this extraordinary flexibility, AutomationBox Tools can act as “building blocks” for quick creation or various auxiliary automation solutions.

A unique technology is used for interacting with graphics interfaces – it allows you to select even the smallest elements, such as lines in lists, links or paragraphs on web pages, shortcuts on the desktop and so forth.

The combination of flexibility, modern technologies and zero price makes AutomationBox Tools an indispensable tool for any experienced user.

Download AutomationBox Tools now or get additional details from online documentation and articles.

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MouseRobot is VERY interesting program. I have had a few important & time consuming tasks and now MouseRobot does them for me! Thank you AutomationBox!
Neeraj Bhatnagar, software engineer

This is what I have been looking for. It greatly helps automate multiple mouse-and-keyboard procedures I have to go through day in and day out. My life has improved greatly by such a wonderful program.
Artur Beltz



November 11, 2010
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October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
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June 21, 2010

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