Automating complex tasks using VBScript

One of the most powerful features MouseRobot is an integrated programming language VBScript.

Basically, VBS-scripts are used for a data processing, system management, working with user accounts and computers, interaction with business applications, working with databases and other complex tasks.

MouseRobot is able to run a program in VBScript. This will allow you to significantly expand the scope MouseRobot and automate tasks of high complexity.

Add to the MouseRobot task the step "Program" to use VBScript.

Step Program

VBScript program can be easily integrated into any task MouseRobot and may influence the course of implementation. The main way of an interacting with MouseRobot is setting the values of variables. These values can be handled by other steps, such as "Condition (If ... Else)", used in the formation of results and for other purposes. Interaction with MouseRobot provided with Evaluate and SetValue functions.

Getting value of MouseRobot variable or expression

"Evaluate" function allows you to calculate the value of a variable or expression value.


Getting the name of the latest found object:

Dim name
name = WScript.Evaluate("{ControlName({LastControl})}")
MsgBox "Last found object name is " + name

Suppose that in the previous step has been found "Start" button on the taskbar Windows. Then the next step:

MouseRobot task

Will lead to the information window (the result of a function call MsgBox)


Setting MouseRobot variables

"SetValue" function allows you to store a resulting value, a set of values or any other information in a variable MouseRobot.


Calculating an area of a circle.

Dim R
Dim a
R = WScript.Evaluate("{radius}")
a = 3.14 * (R^2)
WScript.SetValue "{area}", a

MouseRobot task:

MouseRobot task

The dialog for entering a circle radius:


The result dialog (an area of a circle with a given radius):



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I had tried other types of macro programs before, but have not used them because I don’t have time to learn how to do the things that MouseRobot offers to do for me in the main interface. This is the most useful program for me thus far!
Jiang Zhao

I would like to say that MouseRobot is a great program and it is fast and very easy to use. If you create an macro to go to a web site and do what you need on it, MouseRobot will perform most of actions instantly and just as fast as your browser can load a page! MouseRobot is real time saver!
Lisa Tomcic, web designer



November 11, 2010
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October 16, 2010
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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
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June 21, 2010

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