MouseRobot basics: how to record mouse macro and keyboard macro, ways to execute macros

MouseRobot is handy tool for creating mouse macro and keyboard macro. MouseRobot allows to record mouse and keyboard, run applications, use conditions, loops and other operations. The macros in MouseRobot keyboard mouse recorder is represented as a sequence of operations (steps) such as "Run", "Press Key", "File Name Query" and others. This sequence of mouse macro, keyboard macro is called "Task".

Task example (Start "Notepad" editor and input a few lines of text):

MouseRobot mouse recorder task sample

In many cases, the easiest way to record mouse macro or keyboard macro is to use the "Record Task" function and then, if necessary, to correct the recorded mouse and keyboard macros.

Adding steps to the mouse macro

MouseRobot keyboard mouse recorder provides two basic ways to insert new steps into the mouse macro:

  1. Dragging of necessary steps or snippets from the Toolbox with mouse into the mouse macro. Besides, you can add steps to the end of the task by double-clicking on it in the toolkit.
  2. MouseRobot toolbox

  3. Record mouse and keyboard actions using the "Record Task" function.

    Record task

Selection of graphic object on the screen when record mouse

While adding the step "Search object on screen" to the mouse macro, as well the snippet, containing this step, the MouseRobot mouse recorder window automatically gets minimized and the program switches to the Object Selection Mode. At the same time any object with the cursor placed over it is highlighted with a red frame containing a hint.

Object selection mode

To select a highlighted object, press Ctrl.

To close the Object Selection Mode and return to main window of mouse macro editor to continue creating mouse macro and keyboard macro, press Esc.

PgUp and PgDn keys let you choose a more general or more detailed object, such as the entire table or its individual cell.

The change of the object for an existing step use the "Change object" command . This command can also be automatically applied by double clicking on the step "Search object on screen" in mouse macro.

Quick mouse recording

The function "Record Task", located on the "Task" pane, allows to record mouse macro and keyboard macro quickly.

Record mouse macro, keyboard macro

By clicking the "Record Task" button, MouseRobot automatically gets minimized and switches to the Object Selection Mode (red frame) to recorc mouse.

The record mouse process involves repetition of two stages:

  1. Selecting an object on the screen into the mouse macro (point the mouse to the object to highlight it with a red frame and press Ctrl to confirm the selection)
  2. Object Selection Mode (red frame)

  3. Recording mouse and keyboard actions to be executed with the object (mouse click, typing text, etc.)
  4. Mouse and keyboard recording Mode

Mouse and keyboard actions recording automatically ends 3 seconds after the last mouse click or 5 seconds after the last keystroke, and then the Object Selection Mode activates again to specify the next object and continue record mouse macro.

To return to the task and edit recorded mouse macro and keyboard macro press Esc.

Execute and stop a mouse macro

The recorded mouse macro and keyboard macro can be run by several ways:

  • Manually, using the "Run" command:
  • Debug pane

    If necessary, you can run only a part of steps using the "Execute selected", "Run to selected" and "One Step" commands.

  • Manually, by double-clicking on the mouse macro file. Right-click on the file and select "Edit" on the context menu to open the macro for editing, instead of executing it.
  • Automatically, using MouseRobot Task Scheduler.
  • Convert the recorded mouse and keyboard macro into an independent from MouseRobot program (.exe) and run it.

While running the mouse macro the progress bar is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

MouseRobot progress bar

Buttons and the keyboard shortcuts allow you to control the mouse macro execution. Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + F12 to stop all running tasks.

Read more about MouseRobot keyboard mouse recorder in the Complete Online Manual


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MouseRobot is VERY interesting program. I have had a few important & time consuming tasks and now MouseRobot does them for me! Thank you AutomationBox!
Neeraj Bhatnagar, software engineer

This is what I have been looking for. It greatly helps automate multiple mouse-and-keyboard procedures I have to go through day in and day out. My life has improved greatly by such a wonderful program.
Artur Beltz



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