Automation for beginners - how to start using a macro software and make a macro

Creating macros and automation sounds a really "scientific" word and the most of common users are afraid of it.

But STOP for a while and think: how many same buttons you push every day to make usual tasks such as check email, make a screenshot or copy-paste any information or picture from one site to another.

Don't waste your time

For users who are tired of doing "all the same things every day" and spending time on this, MouseRobot macro software is created.

It allows to make macro – a set of computer commands that work instead of your fingers and proceed complicated tasks with a press of key combination on your keyboard. Make macro just once and you will be able to use it for years.

Making macro with MouseRobot is simple

While you make macro as you can see, MouseRobot records all your actions. MouseRobot macro software remembers every click on a button, typing a text in field and all other basic actions as a separate macro steps. Later this steps can be easily edited or removed in MouseRobot macro editor.

The very basic set of tasks that can be automated with MouseRobot macro software by creating macros include:

  • automatic starting and closing programs, printing documents
  • emulating key presses, typing and making mouse actions
  • files and folders operation – open, copy, rename, delete, archive and unpack
  • automate almost everything with Internet pages register user, send messages, add tweet and etc
  • clicking, waiting, reading an information from programs using innovative Advanced Window Recognition™ technology

Build-in scheduler

You are not at home but you need to send reports to clients every day? That’s also not a problem for MouseRobot macro software. MouseRobot built-in task and macro scheduler can start automatically start created macros or program at specified time, every hour, every day or on specific event, like hot key press or when some program opens or closes.

For example, you need to copy paste several web pages every day – so, no problems, it will take you only few minutes to automate this:

  • quickly make macro steps using MouseRobot macro software and edit them if required
  • save macro to file and schedule its execution in MouseRobot task scheduler
  • have fun while MouseRobot works

How to start creating macros

Creating macros is simple and it is a real fun to use it to make macro – as a rule MouseRobot macro software is fast and you can not see what it does – just a result on your screen. Created macros speed is limited only by your PC CPU speed.

MouseRobot macro software also is very useful for recognizing forms and buttons – while creating macros it records not just mouse movement as well as key pressing, but a button or form name too, so it can scroll the screen down or find a button if it is a bit changed. That macro software is extremely useful for every who has much data to collect or to input every day.

If you are ready to try MouseRobot – just download it

Go to How to begin section to see Quick start guide.

If you are ready to buy MouseRobot – feel free to go to Buy now page.


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I love MouseRobot! An actual macro style recorder that operates by function rather than by cursor location. This is way easier to use and understand than any other macro program.
Aitken Rendell, technical support consultant

I am web developer and typically I have a lot of programs open. With MouseRobot I can run the single script, and a few seconds later my work area is ready to go! This is amazing!
Phill Judd, web developer



November 11, 2010
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October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
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June 21, 2010

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